International award for machinery manufacturer


02 November 2023
Post-harvest AI and tech capabilities recognised.

TOMRA, which develops post-harvest sorting and grading machinery for the potato industry, has received an International FoodTec Award.

Its machinery was recognised for using artificial intelligence and cloud technology to improve food safety, quality, and traceability while increasing process efficiency.

Presented by the German Agricultural Society, DLG, the awards honor developments in innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the food technology sector.
TOMRA's solutions use pre-trained models to teach computers how to process data, such as complex patterns in photos. In combination with different sensor technologies, these images of foreign material captured by TOMRA sorters are analyzed by a deep learning model and help to constantly improve the solution by continuously retraining the model.    

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TOMRA’s Foreign Material Identification solution is integrated with the cloud-based data platform TOMRA Insight which automatically extracts data from sorting machines to provide real-time and retrospective insights into raw materials and machine performance. 

New vibratory conveying systems
Strategic partnership formed for sorting and handling