Integrating pulse width modulation directly


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05 May 2020
Integrating pulse width modulation directly

HORSCH has announced it will be making its new PrecisionSpray pulse nozzle system available on all new Leeb PT self-propelled and Leeb LT and GS trailed sprayers from 2020.

“Although pulse width modulation (PWM) has been available for some time from various manufacturers, PrecisionSpray is one of the first to integrate the technology completely into our own HORSCH sprayer software without requiring third-party controllers, making it easier to use.” explains Stephen Burcham, general manager at HORSCH UK.
PrecisionSpray use the latest generation pulse width modulation nozzle controls to ensure spray volumes are consistent across the field despite variations in sprayer speed or changes in boom speed when turning. 

As a sprayer turns the speed of the boom across the ground is dramatically faster on the outside than the inside, and effect increased as the boom widths get greater. PrecisionSpray’s curve compensation alters the spray volume proportionally across the boom length to ensure the same volume of spray per square metre from the inside to the outside of the turn.

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In addition to curve compensation, PrecisionSpray offers stepless adaption of the volume flow at constant pressure and drop size and is able to adapt the application rate without changing the spray characteristics.