Helping with assurance and regulatory requirements


07 October 2022
 Easier assurance records as app adds new feature.

FIELD and farm management app fieldmargin has added new features to help users comply with assurance schemes and regulatory requirements.


Records can now be annotated with weather, the start and finish times for each task, and the operator or team member who carried it out.


The new features, now available on fieldmargin’s web, iOS and Android apps allow users to record wind speed, direction, temperature and other weather factors for each field task completed. Start and finish times for each operation can also be added, while the app will also record which user was responsible for completion of each task.

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Founded in the UK in 2014, fieldmargin is used by farmers in more than 170 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe. Other recent new features include a cost-tracking tool, sub-field recording and nutrient management tools. Crop pesticide checking is in development.


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