Help for measuring and reducing impact on water quality


19 October 2022
Farm tool expanded to optimise nitrogen use.

TRINITY AgTech has launched an enhanced module within its natural capital navigation tool, Sandy, to help growers optimise nitrogen use and reduce nitrate leaching in real-time.

Utilising more than 300 data points, the module has the potential to protect water through a substantial reduction in nitrate leaching and reduce costs by analysing each farm and field’s nitrogen uptake efficiency on a daily basis, the company states.

Having already been adopted by farms across Europe, UK farm trials have indicated improvements in terms of financial savings and efficiency as well as farm sustainability.

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Dr Milad Toolabi, Director of artificial intelligence-machine learning (AI-ML) advanced analytics at Trinity AgTech, said: “Reducing nitrogen usage also reduces carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from fertiliser applications, which significantly improves a farm’s sustainability or carbon score.” 

Sandy connects information already gathered from the farm, such as soil data, regionality, crop information, application and management practices, alongside external metrics including weather data, to enable farmers to make real-time, evidence-based decisions.
“Integrating with farm management software such as Gatekeeper and Muddyboots, farmers can use Sandy to map out the financial and environmental impact of immediate and future farm decisions,” said Milad.  

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