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21 November 2022
Improvement to digging unit’s depth control mechanism.

FOR season 2023, AVR is planning a major upgrade of the actuation method of the All Conditions Control (ACC) on its Puma 4.0 four-row self-propelled harvester. The ACC digging unit’s depth control mechanism enables users to harvest using either diabolos or using probes, without exerting pressure on the ridge.

The control technology responsible for depth control when harvesting using probes has been thoroughly reviewed. Control is now a lot more accurate, which means the digging unit, and as a consequence the whole machine, can be operated more stable than ever and a more precise control will improve the harvesting quality, the Dutch manufacturer claims.

Each Puma 4.0 is equipped with the necessary modules for machine connectivity.

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AVR Connect is an online reporting tool for all machine activities and an online repository for both on and off field machine data. AVR Connect offers users more data, and as a result a more effective use of machines and resources.

The pre-installed unit (with SIM card) collects data and transmits it wirelessly and in real time via the internet to the AVR Connect platform. Users can monitor machines remotely, and there are also options for remote diagnosis. AVR also offers an optional Trimble NAV900 GPS sphere ex factory. 

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