Harper Adams’ Deputy Vice Chancellor joins scientific board


29 July 2021
Harper Adams’ Deputy Vice Chancellor joins scientific board

TRINITY AgTech has announced the appointment of Prof Michael Lee, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Harper Adams University, to its Scientific Board. 

Michael said: “The aim of the new school is to support the agricultural transition that has to take place. The agricultural industry has been phenomenally good at producing vast amounts of food because the focus has been on yields. Now we are aware that we need to farm in a more environmentally sensitive way which will look at that transition from chemical to biological agriculture. 

“One major pillar that the School of Sustainable Food and Farming will focus on is policy and data – that’s where Trinity AgTech comes in. We need to have the best tools to inform farmers of the decisions that they need to make. 

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Chair of the Trinity AgTech Scientific Board, Prof Simon Potts, said: “The scientific integrity behind Trinity AgTech’s products is key to helping farmers cut through industry noise, bias and misinformation. 
“With Professor Lee joining our Scientific Board, we can enhance further the integrity and value of our products.”

Trinity AgTech’s Scientific Board was established in 2019 and draws on expertise from across the industry to support the enablement and empowerment of farmers of all enterprises and size.

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