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04 July 2022
First farm days spotlight harvesters

MORE than 2,700 farmers and growers from across Europe attended GRIMME's first ever Farm Days event, with six machines taking centre stage at the GRIMME farm in Cappeln Germany.


Over four days , GRIMME put the spotlight on a new VARITRON 470 self-propelled harvester, the EVO 280 ALL CROP two-row bunker harvester, the SELECT 200 two-row elevator harvester, the PRIOS 440 4-row cup planter and two REXOR self-propelled beet harvesters. GRIMME also used the event to announce that GRIMME Group's 2021 turnover had increased by 9.43% to €557.1 million.


The third generation of the VARITRON 470 self-propelled harvester has a new modern design and is available in wheeled and TERRA TRAC versions. 


As well as adding a 460hp EU Stage V emission compliant engine to the VARITRON 470, GRIMME has simplified how the haulm topper is attached and removed. The new haulm topper benefits from the increased input power and external hydraulic cylinders, allowing even more accurate height adjustments.

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The fine haulm elevator and the ring elevator can now be individually and conveniently reversed from inside the operator cab to both remove and prevent blockages.


With the third-generation machine, the direction of the extracting rollers can easily be reversed, giving the operator complete control of the separation process.


Further details on this and other machinery updates are featured in Potato Review magazine. You can subscribe here if you don't already receive a copy.


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