Growers' campaigner takes up key environmental role


20 December 2022
Fairtrade's Harriet become's WRAP new CEO.

HARRIET Lamb who has spent 15 years championing the cause of growers has taken on a new role as CEO of climate action organisation WRAP.

Harriet, who built the global movement Fairtrade which fights for better conditions and fair prices for smallholder growers and workers across the developing world, said she is looking forward to furthering WRAP’s programmes tackling waste, carbon and water while promoting the circular economy. 

"It’s an enormous opportunity to unite the public, businesses and governments behind tackling climate change head-on,” she said.

WRAP’s Chair Sebastian Munden said: “Our purpose at WRAP is to tackle climate change and protect our planet by changing the way things are produced, consumed and disposed of. To bring this about we need to increase our reach and the practical support we can give stakeholders like governments and businesses, internationally and in the UK, to achieve their sustainability goals. I have every confidence that Harriet’s appointment will accelerate our impact.”

Ms Lamb spent 15 years with Fairtrade, having been CEO of UK Fairtrade Foundation then Fairtrade International. Fairtrade is a certification scheme that sets standards to make trade fairer, working with producers in the developing world as well as thousands of companies and retailers and creating a vibrant grassroots movement. 

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She is currently CEO of Ashden, which promotes just climate solutions including sustainable energy in the UK and globally. Prior to that she led International Alert, a peacebuilding organisation.

She has won a number of awards including a CBE, Orange Businesswoman of the Year and Cosmopolitan EcoQueen. She was also the first woman Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

Harriet will take up her post on March 15th.

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