Grimme Asa-Lift


04 December 2018
Grimme Asa-Lift

In 2013, the family company GRIMME (Damme, Germany) acquired the majority stake of the Danish company ASA-LIFT, a specialist manufacturer for vegetable technology. The company was founded in 1936 and is based at Sorö, about 80 km southwest of Copenhagen. ASA-LIFT machines are now equipped with high-quality components from GRIMME subsidiaries INTERNORM (plastics technology) and RICON (a factory for webs and conveying equipment).

In addition to the experienced long-standing ASA-LIFT dealers, all GRIMME sales and service companies as well as selected GRIMME Premium Partners are now also involved in the sale of ASA-LIFT products. To increase manufacturing capacity, the new 2,200 m² building was opened in April 2018 and new sheet metal and tube lasers were installed. Since the takeover, the workforce of ASA-LIFT has increased by more than 30% and currently has 130 employees.

The next step will be to incorporate the corporate design of the brand ASA-LIFT to the GRIMME Group. As ASA-LIFT has a very good reputation among vegetable growers worldwide, the brand will retain its logo and is to be adapted to the corporate design of the GRIMME Group. The painting of the ASA-LIFT machines will be changed from blue to GRIMME red during the production year 2019.

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