Global trends - Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming


10 November 2021
Global trends - Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming

GUESTS Simone Scarabel, Amy Wu, Ömer Kuloğlu and David Rose will share their insights on agriculture technology and smart farming at a forthcoming event organised by agricultural tyre manufacturer BKT Europe.

The event, which takes place on November 16th at 3pm online, is the first in a series looking at global trends.

Amy Wu is an award-winning writer for the  women’s ag and agtech movement. She is the Founder & Chief Content Director of From  Farms to Incubators, a multimedia platform thatuses documentary, video, photography and the  written word to tell the stories of women leaders  and innovators in agtech. It has a mission of  expanding the profiles of women in food, farming,  and tech. In 2020 she made Worth magazine’s  “Groundbreakers 2020 list of 50 Women Changing  the World.”

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Ömer Kuloğlu is a mechanical engineer that has been  working as a TV program producer and presenter since  2012 in the field of Tractors and Agricultural Technlogies. During his work experience, he has worked with more  than 1000 brands in the field of Agriculture. In March 2019, he started his own company Traktörmetre – a review program of new tractor models in which Ömer creates valuable contents for brands. Ömer is also a jury member of Tractor of the Year – an international award for the  best tractor in the European market. 

David Rose is an Elizabeth Creak Associate Professor of  Agricultural Innovation and Extension. He is also a  Geographer. He runs the 'Change in Agriculture' research  group at the School of Agriculture, University of Reading. A multi-disciplinary research group exploring the past,  present, and future of farm innovation, specializing in  work on adoption, behaviour change, inclusion,  knowledge exchange, policy change, and the social and  ethical impacts of innovation. He is also the Co-Director of the Centre for Effective  Innovation in Agriculture.  

Simone Scarabel has been working in the industrial and  electrotechnical field for many years. He is Technical Sales Manager at Free Green Nature, an Italian company that developed the robot ICARO X4 which was designed to be  used in vineyards and more generally for fruit plants grown in rows to eliminate the typical fungal  diseases of the plants.

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