Gatekeeper launches integration update


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21 October 2021
Gatekeeper launches integration update

UK agricultural software specialist Farmplan has released a Gatekeeper update that delivers improved integration with CLAAS machines that utilises wireless data transfer for enhanced functionality and efficiency. 

Farmers, growers, agronomists, and advisors across the UK regularly use Gatekeeper as their trusted crop management tool. This new update will let those users who operate CLAAS machinery – and their TELEMATICS software – to wirelessly transmit data sets between CLAAS and Gatekeeper seamlessly and instantly.

“Previously, farmers may have been downloading their collected field data onto USB storage or downloading data from the TELEMATICS website,” said Andrew Wolff, Product Manager at Farmplan. “This update completely removes the need for all those extra steps, freeing up time on the farm while ensuring all your data is immediately accessible, preserved, and secure.”

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