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09 December 2022
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08 December 2022
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07 December 2022
31 January 2022
Growers invited to service launch

THE virtual launch of LAND360 will take place on February 3rd, and growers wanting to find out more about the new service are invited to attend.
LAND360 measures, monitors and assesses habitats and resources to identify tangible natural capital and biodiversity opportunities. Combining data and science, LAND360 provides growers, landowners and land agents with insights that can enable them to make sustainable land management decisions.

The launch, which will take place at 12pm, will feature information about how LAND360 has been used successfully at Castle Howard to inform how the estate will be managed while ensuring the landscape remains sustainable and resilient for generations to come.

Three packages have been created, covering baseline information on natural capital or the identification of land management options to support future revenue streams. 

For more information on this and other events, and to sign up to attend the launch, click here.

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