Food expert joins breeder's supervisory board


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23 May 2022
Dutch company appoints experienced CEO

JEAN-Pierre Bienfait has been appointed as a new member of the potato breeder HZPC's supervisory board. 

Jean-Pierre fills the vacancy of Meerten Ubbens. The seat term of Meerten Ubbens had expired in October 2021. Every year an AGM is held in May and October. 

Jean-Pierre is an experienced CEO and supervisory board member at international companies. His expertise is mainly in food retail/wholesale and also in emerging, more and less developed countries (especially in Asia) and organisations. He has worked extensively with HZPC in recent months. 

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Founded in 1898, and rooted in Dutch soil, HZPC has expanded to become an international market leader in potato breeding, seed potato trading and product concept development. 

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