First international outing for Enduro


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04 August 2022
Potato Demonstration Day marks first display outside Belgium

THE Dewulf Enduro will be demonstrated at its first international show on August 31st.

Every two years, several organisations from Wageningen join forces to organise the Potato Demonstration Day in Westmaas, the Netherlands. The event encompasses every facet of the potato chain.

Dewulf, which manufactures agricultural machines for potato cultivation will be taking along the Enduro 4-row potato harvester, which will be featured in its various machinery demonstrations. Staff will be available on its exhibition stand to answer any queries from visitors.

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Focusing first on the four-row self-propelled harvesters, the new Enduro will be demonstrated for the first time outside of Belgium. It combines minimal groundpressure with a sieving path without constrictions and a cleaning module that, uniquely, can be adjusted between 0 and 12 degrees. The Kwatro will also be demonstrated, as well as planting equipment.