First Enduro in the field


17 August 2021
First Enduro in the field

FOLLOWING its online unveiling at the end of 2020, the first Dewulf Enduro is now out and working in the field. 

The four-row potato harvester on wheels is a powerful harvester that its manufacturers say excels in product friendliness, capacity and ease of operation.

In terms of soil pressure, the Dewulf Enduro boasts maximum statistics of 1,8 kg/m² thanks to Soil-Saver technology. The harvester has no restrictions along its sieving webs to provide optimal sieving capacity throughout the machine. The driver can easily and steplessly adjust the angle of the cleaning module between 0° and 12°, based on the amount of cleaning required in the field. In addition to this, the module with axial rollers can be bypassed at any incline angle for greater flexibility.

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The unique ring elevator (Fill-Tastic) combines capacity with product-friendliness. The ring elevator has a high capacity of 200 tons/h and achieves this at a very ‘potato-friendly’ speed, which is automatically regulated via a sensor. The two-part bunker and discharge elevator, with a practical volume of 10 tons, is the largest in its sector.

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