Field trials demonstrate improvements


05 April 2022
Treatments produce better output and yield

TRIALS at field scale have proven improvements in potato output and marketable yield from treatments with ICL’s PolysulphateTM and PotashpluSTM. ICL agronomist Scott Garnett said the trials bear out findings from previous years.

In North Yorkshire, a crop of the variety Brooke was grown on a sandy loam soil. The split field trial sought to assess the potential for Polysulphate or PotashpluS to replace GMOP. Three rates of Polysulphate were applied – 100, 200 and 300kg/ha. PotashpluS was applied at 895kg/ha. These treatments were compared with a control of granular muriate of potash applied at 550kg/ha. 

Polysulphate was applied just before planting, while potash products were applied a month earlier.

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In this trial Polyphosphate boosted marketable yield by 18% compared to the control.


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