Family are strong advocates of sustainable growing


04 August 2023
Swedish couple transform 70-hectare farm.

Sandgården, a Swedish farm owned by the potato-growing family the Jonzons, has realised a dream for the husband-wife couple who are big advocates of sustainable farming. 

Peter his family have transformed 70 hectares of land in Vejbystrand, southern Sweden, into a model of sustainable and innovative farming.

“We have installed solar panels to power our home, irrigation systems, and all potato pre-crop activities,” Peter said.

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Pether, along with his wife Petronella, say they are determined to create a better world for future generations.

For more than a decade, Peter has relied on BKT tyres to overcome the challenges posed by the climate and soil in cultivation. Petronella praised their quality and durability which she said is essential owing to frequent transfers.

“We have chosen BKT tires because we move continuously from the farm to the fields, and we have noticed that BKT products last very long, which means their sustainability is excellent,” she said.

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