Facelift for subsoiler


29 June 2022
All-new Spaldings FlatLift V Range

A NEW design for the Spaldings FlatLift subsoiler has been unveiled to cater for higher horsepower tractors.

The new design incorporates a strong box-section frame to cope with the rigours of operating on powerful tractors in heavy soils, and its ‘V’ shape places the tines in the optimum position for soil loosening across the entire width but with low draft forces and good trash flow.

Spaldings Managing Director, Steve Constable, said: “The original FlatLift started the trend towards shallower, targeted subsoiling that restructures compacted soils with minimal impact at the surface. The new FlatLift V Range implements maintain that core purpose and ability but are much stronger to match today’s more powerful tractors and offer auto reset leg protection.”

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Key features from the original FlatLift design are retained, such as the slim legs with replaceable shins, and the prominent point and broad wings. The wings are set back from the point and at a shallow angle so that these two components work together to create a progressive lifting and aggregate restructuring action with the least possible effort and without excessive heave or soil ‘boiling’ at the surface.

“Maximum working depth is 500mm, the emphasis being on the ability to work at shallow depths just beyond any layers of compaction caused by field traffic during cultivations, ploughing, harvesting, and so on, or at greater depths if necessary,” said Steve.

“Restructuring compromised soils in this way helps maintain effective drainage, encourages rapid infiltration of water after heavy rain, and enables deep-rooting crops – such as oilseed rape – to put down strong, healthy root systems.”

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