Extended soil care knowledge


12 May 2023
Agrovista Soil Care agronomists step up delivery of practical soil health advice.

MORE than 80 Agrovista agronomists have completed a demanding soil health training course.

Chris Martin, Agrovista’s head of soil health, designed and led the course, which took place over a six-week period.

“The aim is to give our agronomists across the UK advanced knowledge of practical soil health matters which they can discuss with growers, identifying where they are today in terms of soil health and where they would like to be in the future,” said Chris.

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“Many soils are under unprecedented pressure as a result of intensive farming practices, driven by agricultural policy, competitive commodity markets, population growth and climate change. This cannot go on.

“It is vital that farmers receive the best possible advice to unlock their soils’ full potential in a sustainable manner, so they can increase productivity while protecting their most precious asset.

“Agronomists and growers will work together to plan their farms’ soil health journey, highlighting the major enablers to ensure success and agreeing strategic key performance indicators to track progress.”

He added: “Most of our agronomists already have the BASIS Soil and Water Management Certificate, but this doesn’t give the practical interaction with real-farm scenarios. Soil Care is designed to be a step up from that with a much more practical focus, bridging the gap between the science and practical farming.”
Half of those attending have already gone on to complete the additional practical training assessment and are now officially Agrovista Soil Care agronomists.

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