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09 December 2022
New introduction from Knight.

KNIGHT Farm Machinery’s new ‘Vario Select’ control system enables users to achieve even spray application when working on uneven-shaped field margins and around fixed in-field obstructions.

The system works by using combinations of four different capacity spray nozzles at each spray point to offer up to 16 different application rates, typically from zero to 800 litres/minute.

The machine can also spot spray from a prescription map, with volumes changing according to the severity of the weed, pest or disease problem.

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‘Vario Select’ offers a flexible rate control, including turn compensation with the ability to instantly switch between nozzle types, a feature particularly suitable for liquid fertiliser users, says Brian Knight:

‘Vario Select’ includes a simple computerised nozzle selector which lets the operator dial in the target rate, required droplet size, minimum and maximum pressures and the working speed range. It then displays the available working range.

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