Enhancing soil health for sustainable growing


22 September 2023
New BASIS resource launched for UK potato sector.

BASIS Registration, a provider of educational solutions for the agricultural sector in the UK, has created a resource to help those in the potato growing sector deepen their understanding of soil health and sustainability. 

Its newly-launched "Improving Soil Health Series" on BASIS Classroom is an online educational series carefully designed to further educate and equip growers, land managers, advisers, agronomists, and industry stakeholders on how to enhance soil health through informed decision-making and practical application.

The series allows participants to complete short individual topic areas or opt for a bundled approach. The courses focus on key aspects, including soil structure, organic matter, biology, and the creation of strategic soil management plans.

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Head of Environment at BASIS, Teresa Meadows, said: "The autumn is a good time to be out assessing soils on your own farm or your client's, when soils are moist and ahead of cultivations to check for structure and soil biology. These courses provide the background to soil structure, biology and soil organic matter, what to look for, how to carry out any assessments, plus practical guides to download and complete and the management practices that can be done, depending on what you find and the areas that you would like to improve."

"The courses also align closely with the new actions for soils under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) in England with the ‘Creating a Soil Management Plan’ course, providing all the technical details and template to deliver this action for your business or for your clients, which will be invaluable for advisers."

For more information on the Improving Soil Health Series and to enrol, click here.

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