Efficiency boosting sprayer system recognised for innovation.


22 January 2024
MAXImizer PRO system gets judges' vote at LAMMA.

An efficiency boosting sprayer system devised by Knight Farm Machinery has been named as overall winner in the LAMMA Innovation Awards.

The MAXImizer PRO system is now used across the company's range of mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers. MAXImizer PRO enables the sprayer’s low volume plumbing to be primed before spraying begins, for full circulation, automatic agitation and instant nozzle response/switching. The system also means clean water line purging is similarly instant. 

Introduced in the autumn, the MAXImizer Pro is an update of the established Knight MAXImizer circulation technology, with its live induction hopper, booms fed at multiple points to ensure even spray-line pressure, and continuous circulation of fluid through the complete plumbing of the machine. The MAXImizer Pro development sees boom pipework reduced by 21% for further enhancements to efficient spray-line circulation. 

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As an example, on a trailed Knight TB5200 sprayer with 36m boom, the development reduces sprayer retained volume by 7.5 litres.

Evening out spray application