EA Remote Inspections - Green Cover Breaches


06 September 2023
UK growers urged to check reports.

AS part of the wider work to improve water quality, the Environment Agency (EA) has been carrying out remote farm inspections in the UK using satellite imagery. 

This is being used to confirm that green cover was established by October 15th in accordance with the Farming Rules for Water. 

Agricultural Compliance specialist CXCS has warned growers that if they believe the satellite imagery, or the data included in a remote report, is incorrect, they must email the Environment Agency at [email protected] to have the breach removed from their SBI. Evidence such as field records showing planting date, fertiliser or manure applications, or pictures of the field near the time of inspection should be included to demonstrate that there was green cover on the flagged fields.

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Not responding to the EA will result in the breach being recorded against your SBI.

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