Crop science and research acquisition


17 February 2023
Two companies will unite to accelerate soil and crop research.

ALLTECH Crop Science has acquired Ideagro, a leader in agri-food research and development based in Murcia, Spain. 

The two will now work together to accelerate soil and crop research, and to enhance biological and other microorganism-based offerings.

CEO of Alltech Crop Science Andy Thomas said: "This is the strengthening of a long-standing partnership. We have worked closely with the Ideagro team since their founding 11 years ago.”

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Ideagro has a team of more than 20 scientists who work to improve the productivity and profitability of agricultural systems. It puts special emphasis on in-vitro research, phytopathology, soil dynamics and microorganisms, further enable growers to identify microorganisms and quantify enzymatic activity in the soil.

CEO of Ideagro Pedro Palazón said: “We will no longer only study the soils of the Iberian Peninsula, but we will work with soils from all over the world to achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.”

Ideagro's laboratories, experimental research stations and fields have to date been used for carrying out trials in Spain. It has researched more than 90 different crops and performed more than 10,000 physicochemical and biological analyses. This has led to the development of new agricultural strategies based on microorganisms.

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