Corteva to expand biologicals portfolio


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21 September 2021
Corteva to expand biologicals portfolio

CORTEVA and Gaïago, a biotechnology company, has announced a multi-year agreement to validate, develop and commercialise biofungicides for growers worldwide. 

Corteva provides seed, crop protection and digital solutions while French company Gaïago provides solutions based on soil revitalisation, seed and plant health.

Through the agreement, Corteva Agriscience receives an exclusive, global testing licence and associated optional commercial rights for a novel biofungicide technology that can help protect potatoesagainst pathogens such as downy mildew, late blight, powdery mildew and botrytis. 

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“This agreement furthers our commitment to offering farmers biologicals for crop protection, including tested biofungicide solutions that meet Corteva Agriscience’s high standards in Research & Development,” said Rajan Gajaria, Executive Vice President, Business Platforms, Corteva Agriscience. “Our agreement with Gaïago is another step in demonstrating our efforts to building our biological portfolio by collaborating with the leading experts in their fields.” 

“Achieving sustainability in agricultural production as well as a resilient food system requires strong collaborations at all levels,” said Jean-Pierre Princen, President of Gaïago. “This agreement with Corteva will speed up the global introduction of one of our natural biocontrol technologies. This novel biofungicide should be key, both to implement integrated pest management strategies and to meet consumers' expectations, whilst helping to preserve high crop yields and increasing farmers’ income. This global collaboration with Corteva, together with the launch of our joint research programs with scientific institutions in Europe, will boost Gaïago’s large-scale Agrosystems regeneration plans, hence restoring soil and plant functions.” 

Corteva’s model for developing its biologicals portfolio combines external innovation, R&D collaboration, licensing, and distribution. This agreement demonstrates how Corteva is targeting collaborations that bring a broad range of external technologies, including well-established companies in the Biologicals space to expand access of a complete set of sustainable solutions in line with the Corteva Agriscience 2030 Sustainability Goals. 
Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. 

“This announcement is an exciting development for UK and Irish farmers who want and need to be able to access a range of solutions, including those derived from natural origins,” said William Corrigan, Corteva Agriscience UK and Ireland Country Manager (pictured)
“We look forward to expanding our biologicals portfolio further alongside Gaïago and in line with our local global and sustainability goals. 
“Corteva is committed to providing UK and Irish farmers with innovative, world-leading solutions as they work hard to produce enough food for a growing world population while contending with extreme weather events and a shrinking toolbox of chemical solutions. 
“Biologicals will have a key role in agriculture going forwards and we’re excited for the leading role Corteva will play in expanding and developing cutting-edge products.”

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