Compostable cling wrap created from potato waste


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16 August 2022
Australian company joins sustainable producers.

AN Australian company has developed a home-compostable cling wrap using potato waste. 

The company, called Great Wrap, was founded by husband and wife team Jordy and Julia Kay. They claim the product breaks down into carbon and water in fewer than 180 days.

Investors include Groundswell Ventures, Springbank Collective, and Trail Mix Ventures. Their input will allow the company to set up a biorefinery with the capacity to manufacture 30,000 tons of wrap by the end of next year. If this target is achieved, Great Wrap will be Australia’s largest cling wrap manufacturer.

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Great Wrap is already available in Australia and will be launching in the US this month. The company plans to open a manufacturing facility in the country next year, adding to its two existing Australian facilities.

Source:   Photo: Great Wrap

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