Complete planting process in one machine


12 September 2023
Certa 40 Integral launched by Dewulf for 2024 growing season.

FOR the 2024 growing season, Dewulf has therefore developed a brand new, comprehensive planter, which was presented to the public for the first time at Potato Europe last week. 

The Certa 40 Integral is equipped with a number of groundbreaking features:

  • The cultivator's nine large wheels carry the weight of the machine and provide the automatic working depth control. As a result, they guarantee sufficient carrying capacity even in light and/or loose soil.
  • The cultivator is an evolution of the SC 300 Compact. The rotor shaft is fitted with thicker flanges. The cultivator has an angle sensor on the rear board, which controls the cylinders for the nine depth wheels.
  • The 3.5-tonne bunker and the planting elements form a single unit and are optionally equipped with weighing cells. The planting elements are an upgraded version of the long-established CP elements. Among other improvements, the planting tube is adjustable to accommodate the tuber size, and each planting element is individually hydraulically driven. As such, it is easy to create spray tracks and variable planting is possible.
  • The opener beam is mounted in a parallelogram fitted with cylinders, allowing the planting depth to be easily adjusted from the cabin.
  • The covering discs, measuring 410 mm in diameter, are each mounted on their own suspension arm. The discs for each pair of rows are attached to a central hollow section by means of a top link, with the pressure on those discs adjustable from the side.
  • - Every part of the control system – from the control box to the software – communicates via ISOBUS. This in-house designed system can be accompanied by a 12-inch Topcon touchscreen and joystick.

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