Chemical expert appointed to UK team


18 January 2021
Chemical expert appointed to UK team

MANUFACTURER of pesticides, complementary chemistry and molluscicides, De Sangosse Ltd, has appointed Dr Brett Symonds as its chemistry compliance and technical manager.

Brett's role is wide and encompasses almost all chemistry related issues for the company in the UK and internationally. 

He brings significant experience to the De Sangosse team. His knowledge will be integral to development of the company’s product portfolio and managing its protocols. He gained a BSc in Chemistry from The University of Surrey in 2012 and also a PhD from Reading University in 2016, where his research focused on methods to determine rainfastness of agrochemical adjuvants. 

Soon after, he was appointed Technical Advisor at Sumitomo Chemical where he worked across technical and regulatory functions to support the sale of household insecticide active ingredients across the EMEA region.

He said: "The agricultural industry is facing challenging times with loss of chemistry so I look forward to working with the team to identify areas and chemistry that we specialise in to aid and enhance current practices.”

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De Sangosse, which is based near Cambridge in the UK, supplies its products all over the world with key markets in the UK, EU, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Its product range includes molluscicides, plant growth regulators, adjuvants, micro-nutrients, growth promoters, pod sealants, seed treatments and water conditioners.

De Sangosse Managing Director, Dr David Cameron said: “Dr Symonds is a welcome addition to the De Sangosse team, further strengthening the strong chemistry base which has been a key success factor for us.”


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