Business leaders and students meet to explore the “Future of Agriculture”


06 December 2021
Business leaders and students meet to explore the “Future of Agriculture”

More than 100 agriculture students from Hartpury University and Hartpury College joined Tech Box Park residents and local businesses at a “Future of Agriculture” event organised by Hartpury’s Innovation, Careers and Enterprise team earlier this week.
The afternoon provided an ideal opportunity for first year agriculture students from both college and university programmes to consider the broad range of career pathways available in their chosen subject, while meeting businesses from the sector and making vital connections. 
The event was held at Hartpury’s Agri-Tech Centre, part of the Digital Innovation Farm Tech Box Park. Tech Box Park residents ‘Novazera’ joined other local businesses including Culturaconnect, DronePrep, Proagrica, Glas Data and NFU.
Students heard from those businesses in attendance and were encouraged to discuss future career roles whilst also debating future farming practices. The event is just one example of how Hartpury’s industry connections are being utilised to inspire the next generation of agriculturalists and agri-technologists.
Brian Powell, Novazera said: “The opportunity to support students at Hartpury was a real honour. To be able to share innovative technology with tomorrow’s farmers and industry leaders is exciting. The students were engaging and genuinely interested – asking questions and exploring the subject. It was a real pleasure.”
Hartpury’s Digital Farming Network was established to bring together businesses, scientists and students who share an interest in agriculture and food production. The network shares news and opportunities relating to research projects, as well as sharing thoughts and insights to help drive innovation. 
Hartpury’s Agri-Tech Centre is Phase 1 of the 2030 Digital Innovation Farm vision, designed to provide an industry facing facility for current and future generation farmers to receive comprehensive access to the latest available agri-technologies.

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