Brothers purchase fourth harvester


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15 June 2022
Family tradition continues

THREE brothers who grow potatoes in the Hoeksche-Waard region of the Netherlands have purchased their fourth harvester from AVR Connect. 

The story of the three Breure brothers is a tale of a beautiful family tradition. The first steps were taken in 1923 in the Hoeksche-Waard region. After the war, the three sons of the Breure family took over the business and expanded it. In 1980, son Ad Breure and his wife took over the farm activities from his father Arie and his two brothers. Eventually, in 2009, Ad’s three sons Arjan, Huibert and Adwin joined the business as the most recent generation.

Today, the three brothers run the company together. The tasks are neatly divided: Arjan takes care of the daily planning, Huibert takes care of the administration and Adwin manages the colleagues in the workshop and in the field and is also one of the drivers.

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Over the years, they have invested heavily in agricultural equipment which they use both for their own farm and for contract work and their most recent investment is an AVR Puma 4.0 self-propelled harvester, which joins the existing fleet consisting of an AVR Puma 3 (2018), an AVR Puma+ (2014), and an AVR Quadra.

Arjan said: "We try to honour the way of thinking of our father Ad. He was progressive and visionary. With his simple but sturdy AVR Quadra, he first covered a smaller farm with actually too little acreage for this kind of machine, but he saw where all of this was going. Dad ensured an increase in scale, and thus a growth of the company on all fronts. We are proud and grateful that we were able to expand our company together with him. It is a pity that he is no longer with us. We learned a lot from him, and we try to keep his philosophy in mind."

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