British utility service takes action on soil health


09 January 2023
Anglian Water bolsters farm business resilience with new partnership

ANGLIAN Water has joined forces with Trinity AgTech to offer growers a scientific solution to taking control and optimising soil health. 

“While drinking water quality is a major focus for Anglian Water, we recognise the mutually beneficial aspect of working alongside farmers to improve soil health on-farm,” explains Chris Hewis, Catchment Advisor at Anglian Water.

“By using Trinity AgTech’s new generation navigator, Sandy, growers can monitor and, where necessary, make informed decisions to improve their soil health and keep inputs on the field. That inevitably improves drinking water quality and farmers gain from a business productivity perspective.”

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Sandy looks at all of the outcomes of changing practices and quantifies those changes in terms of carbon, biodiversity and water quality to help growers profit from their business decisions. 

Anglian Water’s Senior Agronomy Advisor, Richard Reynolds said: “The more productive and more economically sustainable farmers are, the better end result for water quality.

“Farmers are coming up against challenging times financially, so supporting them in making the most of their inputs is crucial to making sure their businesses stand the test of time.”

He said the foundations of farm business productivity stem from robust soil health. 

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