BPS payments advance


28 July 2023
UK growers to receive RPA pay-out on August 1st.

THE Rural Payments Agency (RPA), an executive agency sponsored by the UK's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, will issue Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) advance payments to UK growers on August 1st.

The agency has confirmed the payments will be paid in a single day, in response to feedback on how it can make improvements. The payments will be up to 50% of the total annual BPS payment, with the remaining balance paid in December 2023.  

Once the payment has been made, a remittance notice will be sent in the post to confirm the amount paid. When the balance is paid in December, growers will receive a claim statement explaining how the 2023 payments have been worked out. 

Chief Executive of the Rural Payments Agency, Paul Caldwell, said: "We recognise the importance of these payments to the rural community, which is why we listened to the sector and are making the majority of payments on one day to provide certainty to farmers.

"This also marks the second year of the permanent change to two payments, with the first instalment brought forward to the summer, and I’m pleased this is having a positive impact on farmers’ cashflow."

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In 2022, Defra announced that payments would be made in two instalments each year for the remainder of the agricultural transition period. Around 50% of the overall payment is being made now with the remaining balance expected from December.

The RPA said it expects the vast majority of growers to be paid on time, but some claims will require additional checks which may take longer to process. 

Since 2021, BPS payments have been reducing each year as they are phased out completely by the end of the agricultural transition period in 2027.

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