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31 March 2023
New UK company helps growers navigate impacts of climate change.

A NEW start-up company is on a mission to help UK growers adapt to the changing climate and take advantage of financial opportunities. 
Climate Spheres UK (CSUK) offers science-based solutions, providing tools, knowledge and strategy to ensure farms are future-proofed and remain profitable as the UK climate becomes more extreme, as well as helping them to benefit from the agricultural transition and Net Zero opportunities. 

CSUK provides data, consultancy, education and guides to funding. 
Climate Spheres UK recently won the UK 2022 Journey to Net Zero award, hosted by the School of Sustainable Food and Farming and has done pilot projects in England and Wales. It is now launching to the wider farming community and its supply chains. 

CSUK co-founder Kevin Holtzclaw (pictured) said: “Farmers need to get ahead of the impacts of Climate Change. They need to understand how their specific farm will be affected and what they can do to ensure, not just survival, but profitability, in the future. This is essential, not just for the farmers themselves, but for all of us who rely on farming, in its myriad forms, in the UK. Climate Spheres UK has been created to ensure farmers are able to thrive in a climate-changed future.”

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