'Apply compound at mid bulking'


12 June 2023
Timing is key for biological signalling compounds to build healthy yields.

MORE and more growers are routinely using biological products because they deliver cost-effective yield benefits and contribute to a sustainable approach, and while the advantages are proven, application timing is key to success.

John Haywood, at Unium Bioscience, the company behind 3ALO T6P, advises using on potatoes at mid bulking to improve bulking rates. It’s a signalling compound, based on Trehalose-6-phosphate, a molecule that regulates plant processes including metabolism. 

T6P (trehalose-6-phosphate) is a central signalling compound in plants responsible for regulating sucrose and the way it’s allocated to crop growth, development and to different locations in the plant. 

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“We are continuing to explore the Trehalose pathway, and we have some great results from new signalling compounds which have the same positive effects on plants, meaning in the near future, more products will be available to farmers,” said John.

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