App to digitalise potato crop performance


30 January 2023
Updated version helps growers.

CROP4SIGHT has announced the launch of an updated version of their web and mobile app, designed to make it easier for potato growers and agronomists to access, and view, potato crop performance on the go.


The latest version of the app makes it easier to use all data that is collected throughout the growing season, while out and about – making it easier to make agronomic and commercial decisions.


Additionally, there is now a module for growers to compare and benchmark their crop performance against anonymised data describing performance of other crops planted at similar times.


Senior Agronomist Fiona Law-Eadie said: “Realistically growers and agronomists don’t spend that much time in front of a computer, especially not when the season gets busier. The latest version of the mobile app gives you easy access to the crop insights you need, to make management decisions on the go."

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Having a tool to monitor crop performance throughout the season, and therefore confidently forecast yield and performance, is crucial for mitigating risk for the farmer.


“For example, if emergence is a week earlier than expected but you have a set lifting date, this could mean the crop has a 7 to 10 days extra growing period and will likely require changes to crop management plans (e.g. earlier burndown) to maintain the optimum commercial yield of the crop,” Fiona said. “This can be problematic for growers working to contract specifications.”

Mrs Law-Eadie also explains that, currently, there are no other platforms which allows growers and agronomists to compare potato crops, despite it being a crucial element for forecasting marketable crop yields.


“Benchmarking helps growers determine how ahead of the game they are in the growing season, compared to other potato farmers across the country – helping to assess the options available depending on predicted yield and lifting time.”