AI trials show success in weeds battle


28 July 2021
AI trials show success in weeds battle

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is being employed in the battle against weeds.
SoilEssentials, the precision farming solutions pioneer, based in Angus, Scotland has harnessed expertise from the space industry along with agronomists and leading academics, to develop AI to overcome the green-on-green challenge.
SKAi (The SoilEssentials KORE Artificial Intelligence platform, pronounced sky) has developed AI components which can be trained to recognise broad leaved weeds then take control of a crop sprayer to implement targeted control as the machine progresses through the crop. 
Dr Gregor Welsh from SoilEssentials, said: “The new SKAi technology operates in real-time, meaning there is no need to pre-map the field, the on-board AI is set-up to constantly scan the vegetation, identify and selectively treat the weeds as the sprayer boom passes over.”
Trials of the system are showing high levels of success in the spraying of docks in grass fields and it's foreseen that it will ultimately recognise and differentiate between a wide range of weed and cash crop species.

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