Agritech platform enables sustainable certification


09 March 2022
Women launch project working with growers

FEMALE entrepreneurs Julie Koch Fahler and Ida Boesen stepped into their position as market disruptors with an innovative commodity trading platform for farmers in 2018. 

The co-founders and best friends of 15 years combined Julia's experience in the technology and Ida's agriculture industries to build a solution that would support Danish farmers in maximising their thin margins. 

In 2021 the startup evolved into Agreena, adding a soil carbon certification platform to the techstack, AgreenaCarbon, and became one of Europe’s first internationally accredited (ISO 14064-2) certification programmes in soil carbon sequestration. 

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Agreena mints, verifies, and sells third-party verified carbon certificates to the voluntary carbon market for farmers that have transitioned to regenerative agriculture practices with its platform. With 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions linked to agriculture, and one-third of arable farmland already degraded as a result of climate change, the opportunity for impact is significant. 

Today, the company is operating in 10 countries across the pan-European market and has already supported more than 160 farmers to join the green economy in their transition to sustainable agriculture. Agreena closed its €20-Million Series A round last month and was recently recognised by Financial Times’ Sifted as one of the “Startups to Watch” in the Agritech sector.  

Julie said: “We are here to drive actual, large-scale changes and improvements; ensuring better food production with care for the world we live in, and fair and competitive compensation for the farmers. Right now, we can see impact when driving around and seeing fields with cover crops, but in the future, the soil reaping biodiversity benefits, the climate responding to massive carbon sequestration, and farmers acting independently with fair, market-driven financing – these are the long term impacts of Agreena initiatives that I am really looking forward to seeing.”

To learn more about the company and its soil carbon certification programme, click here.

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