'A seamless transition'


04 May 2023
New packing line for Austrian supplier

BAUER Agrar, an Austrian business which grows, sorts, packs, and ships potatoes to several European countries, is seeing a 'seamless' transition between three machines which now form its packing line.

In 2021, owner Reinhard Bauer decided to opt for an Eqraft packing line. He and his business partner Karl Nägerl run the business between Vienna and Bratislava. 

The region is mostly flat so crops can be irrigated easily and grown in a steady quantity.

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The new line has been up and running for about a year now and Reinhard couldn’t be happier. "The transition between the Exigo Scale, the Baxmatic, and the sewing lane is seamless. The combination of those three machines works very well for our business," he said.

He added: "We now have more capacity with less manual work, which saves us time and money. I would definitely recommend Eqraft: Both their machines and their support are great."

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Source: eqraft.com