A new concept in water storage


11 July 2022
Hybrid technology used to develop products that require less labour at installation

HYBRID material technology can offer a simple solution to water storage challenges according to Deploy Tech, which produces portable water tanks and bases for the agricultural and produce growers market, to of which will be launched and demonstrated at The Royal Welsh Show from July 18th to 21st.

The new Deploy concrete tank, developed to store water, incorporates Concrete Canvas, a cement-filled geotextile. This means that the tank can be folded up for shipment and delivered to site in a timber crate measuring 2.5m by 1.2m. A two-man installation team then connects a compressor to one of the PVC-U taps to inflate the structure before the outer surface is hydrated and left to cure. The manufacturer states that it will be ready for use at the end of the second day and will give a weather-resistant service for 20+ years.

There are three separate sizes in the range, all two metres in height but varying in diameter.

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The second product revolutionises the “concrete slab” process, according to the manufacturer. Traditionally, a concrete slab or reinforced concrete slab is recommended before a storage tank or containment unit is installed for structural durability, safety and strength reasons. The process can be time-consuming, troublesome and expensive. The new Deploy Easy-Slab solution is available in five sizes and arrives on-site folded. The Deploy team unfolds and pegs it to the ground. It is, in effect, a concrete carpet. 

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