'Trust the science'


27 April 2021
'Trust the science'

BIO-stimulants are gaining acceptance among growers as recognition of the role they play in promoting yields through greater nutrient uptake and improved plant health has led to a change in attitudes.


This newfound appreciation owes much to the willingness of growers to test the products for themselves, but in many cases any scepticism is misplaced, according to Nick Winmill, potato specialist with adviser Agrii.


The distrust of the past is perhaps understandable given the many forms of bio-stimulant available and for which the benefits were not always clear. Overcoming this cynicism has taken time, but the development of better products and targeted trials intent on identifying when and how to best utilise their potential has brought commercial success.

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“Despite the lack of information about some products, there are others which have had years of development,” said Nick. “These are backed by several years of replicated trials and sound commercial use, showing exactly how they interact with the crop to support plant health and boost economic yield.”



To read all about what Nick has to share, see the May issue of Potato Review. You can subscribe here.


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