The dishwasher debate


10 May 2022
Bloggers discuss the pros and cons of putting potatoes in the dishwasher.

CHEFS and household cooks can save food preparation time by putting potatoes in the dishwasher according to social media users.

Reporter Andrea Blazquez recently stated in an online article for The Express that while many people dislike scrubbing potatoes before cooking, regarding it as a tedious task, potatoes can actually be washed in the dishwasher. 
Makinze Gore, Food Editor for Delish, is quoted in the article as saying: "Place your dirty potatoes on the top rack of an empty dishwasher and set it to the rinse-only cycle. (Make sure there's no soap in there first!) Turn it on, and walk away."

"Our rinse cycle is only 11 minutes, so I turned on the dishwasher and finished cleaning up the kitchen. "When I was done, I had clean potatoes waiting on me."

Crystal Paine also shared a picture on Money Saving Mum, which users had praised, saying: "If you have 20 pounds of potatoes to wash for your Thanksgiving meal throw them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Set on the quick rinse cycle and let your dishwasher clean the potatoes. Not something I would do every day, but definitely a space and time saver during the holidays."

But others have questioned the logic of using this method.

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Elizabeth Licata from The Kitchn goes on to comment: "Washing potatoes in the dishwasher could be useful if, for some reason, you needed to cook and wash a ton of potatoes all at once, like if you were making mashed potatoes for 100 people.

"But when cooking for fewer than 10 people, using this potato-washing 'hack' seems considerably less efficient than just washing the potatoes yourself."


Source: The Express Photo: Money Saving Mom on Pinterest