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23 December 2022
New film shows how Netherlands-based seed goes on to provide Morocco and Israel food staple.

THE Potato Valley, a seed potato cultivation knowledge network platform in the north of the Netherlands, recently commissioned a short information film featuring crops being cultivated in the Netherlands, shipped from the port of Harlingen, and supplied to people in Morocco and Israel.

The country exports around 800,000 tons of seed potatoes to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America, where growers can cultivate more than 30 million tons. The clay areas in Groningen and Fryslân supply 8% of the global export of seed potatoes to more than 90 countries.

The film features Moroccan and Israeli growers receiving the seed potatoes. The producers chose these two countries because of their diverse crops. 

A spokesman said: "In Israel, growers cultivate potatoes in a high-tech modern way. In Morocco, times seem to have stood still compared to Dutch cultivation and production. Yet both countries swear by seed potatoes from the Netherlands."

The film also shows why the northern Netherlands is well-suited for growing seed potatoes, with its light clay soil, favourable climate, and coastal location providing a natural hindrance to diseases and pests.

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The north of the Netherlands holds a top position in the worldwide export of seed potatoes while The Potato Valley is a membership organisation with a focus on generating, developing and sharing high-quality knowledge within the entire seed potato growing system while promoting important innovations for the development and realisation of an economically vital circular agriculture in the northern clay layer. Entrepreneurs, research, education and government work closely together in this.

The Foundation was established on October 27th, 2016.

Source: Potato Valley