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28 April 2022
Growers given timely advice following standard amendments.

POTATO growers have been issued with a timely reminder that they must provide evidence of a post-application field check for fields treated with granular nematicides.


Following amendments to the Red Tractor Assurance fresh produce standard in November 2021, it is the first application season when certified growers will be required to do this.


Agronomist Simon Alexander, who is a member of the The Nematicide Stewardship Programme (NSP) working group said: “Growers must walk fields between 12 and 24 hours after the application of granular nematicides. This involves checking headlands or other areas where equipment is turned on and off, and also the field edge, for signs of wildlife that may have ingested the product and suffered adverse effects.”

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A field monitoring form is available to download from the Red Tractor website. “The form allows farmers to record their field check process, so Red Tractor can provide assurance that growers are taking every precaution necessary when applying granular nematicides,” said Simon.


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