Potatoes clean up their act


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Surprising household tasks in which a spud will rise to the challenge...

A WOMAN has shared a 'game-changing' hack for getting stubborn stains off pans using potatoes.

TikTok user Purdy and Figg recently posted a video detailing the hack which involves using a potato and some salt to scrub away grime on pots and pans.

"Clean your cast iron pans with salt and half a potato," she states and goes on to demonstrate by sprinkling a grubby pan with salt, then using the half potato to scrub the surface and remove the food marks. The coarseness of the salt seems to do its job, cleaning away the spots of food and oil.

The post has been 'liked' and praised by various online followers.

It's not the first time potatoes have been praised for their cleaning qualities.

In 2020, food website The Kitchn, shared the news that basic spuds are good for making quick work of household chores, and recommended the following smart ways to use potatoes for otherwise annoying or difficult cleaning jobs

1. Clean a rusty cast iron skillet.
A quick science lesson: Potatoes contain oxalic acid, which helps to break down rust. So you can use a potato to restore a rusty cast iron skillet. Just cut the potato in half (lengthwise or crosswise), dip the cut end in dish soap or baking soda, and rub it over the rusty areas. If the end of the potato gets slick, slice it off and dip the newly cut end. Repeat until rust is removed and then rinse and dry the item.

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2. Or rusty knives.
While you’re de-rusting, you can clean rust off of other things you have hanging around, too. This trick works on knives, scissors, baking pans, and other household tools.

4. Clean and de-fog your glasses.
If you wear glasses, you’re likely struggling with them fogging up while you’re out and about and wearing your face mask. Turns out, you can rub the lenses with the cut side of a raw potato and the starch will help reduce fog buildup without obscuring your vision.

5. Clean up broken glass.
Break a glass or a dish? You can (carefully) pick up the big pieces and sweep up the smaller ones. But those little shards that are almost impossible to see? Those can easily get left behind. Grab a raw spud — or really any other larger root vegetable — cut it in half, then press the cut halves around the area. The glass will stick into the potato. Note: We do recommend wearing cloves while you clean up broken glass.

6. Lift minor stains.
A potato isn’t going to lift an entire glass of red wine out of a white carpet, but dabbing the cut side of a raw potato or even some of that potato water on a small stain will help.er.

Furthermore, mesh produce bags often used for big bags of potatoes can be turned into pot scrubbers! Place a sponge inside the bag, secure it with a zip tie, and clip the ends.

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