"Potatoes can protect" - rally call to South Africans


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14 September 2021
"Potatoes can protect" - rally call to South Africans

SOUTH Africans are being urged to increase their intake of potatoes to help combat heart disease, and the likelihood of contracting Covid-19.

As part of Heart Awareness Month, health experts in the country have raised a red flag on the deadly connection between Covid-19 and heart disease, warning that a balanced, healthy diet is more important than ever for safeguarding your health. They stated that potatoes can play a vital role in this.

In a recent Harvard Health article, cardiologist Dr Dara K Lee Lewis noted that in comparison with the general population, individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD) ‘were more than twice as likely to contract severe forms of Covid-19’.

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Immaculate Zinde from Potatoes South Africa said potatoes offer more potassium than any other vegetable and this is a crucial ally in the struggle against high blood pressure – a major risk factor for heart disease and strokes. Potatoes are also naturally cholesterol-free, have zero saturated fats and are low in sodium which she said are three more heart health points which work strongly in their favour, while their high fibre content can actively help lower cholesterol – another significant risk factor for heart disease.

"Given the effects of the pandemic on our health and well-being, it’s particularly important to understand the numerous rewards of potatoes for your body, and how you can cook them correctly for the most benefit," she said.

Photo: Los Muertos Crew