Potato perfection: A red that has it all?


06 December 2021
Potato perfection: A red that has it all?

MEETING the needs of the whole supply chain, from growers and processors to retailers and consumers, is the gauntlet all new varieties have to run. Few make it, but a new table red is emerging as a very strong contender and is taking on some well-established varieties.


“I first saw Manitou in trials more than six years ago,” recalls Richard Arundel, managing director of AKP. The company is a large potato supplier and processor whose customers include McDonald’s, KFC, McCain and numerous supermarkets. 


“It looked so promising that we wanted, and got, exclusivity for its early days.  We introduced it to Morrisons, who were our main retail customer at that point, and they took it on board, listing it as their preferred red variety.”

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Today, Manitou represents a significant proportion of AKP’S acreage. “We’re growing over 600 acres across our farms and those in our growing group,” explains Richard.  “We’re selling it to multiple as well as Morrisons.  We’ve also got a reasonable tonnage going into the wholesale food service sector. It’s exciting times for this table red.”


Manitou is a cross between Maranca and Laura and comes from the Mansholt Breeding Center. It is a red-skinned variety with yellow flesh and a long, oval shape. It’s breeder, Agrico, says it offers good yields and dry matter content.

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