Potato 'milk' will be the next big thing, claims Waitrose


28 October 2021
Potato 'milk' will be the next big thing, claims Waitrose

VEG of Lund, a Swedish plant-based company, has developed what it claims is the world’s first plant-based “milk” made from potatoes, which trades under the name Dug. 

The company claims that its potato milk is the most sustainable of all plant-based milk — 56 times more water-efficient than almond milk and twice as efficient in land use as compared to oat milk. 

According to a recent trends report published by a supermarket chain Waitrose, potato milk is set to be one of the hottest new foods in 2022.

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The brand says: “DUG drinks aren’t made by simply squeezing potatoes. There’s a lot more to it. The secret method for making DUG drinks is a patented emulsion of potatoes and rapeseed oil developed by Professor Eva Tornberg at Lund University in Sweden.”

It goes on to say that the product is deliciously creamy and makes perfect foam in coffee.

There are currently three versions available - original, barista and unsweetened - and it is tipped to take on other big selling alt-milks made from coconut, oats, almonds and soy.

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