Let us spray well


28 January 2022
Don't forget spray tank basics

GROWERS are reminded not to be complacent when it comes to tank mixing and sprayer hygiene, ahead of making spring spraying applications.

Experts stress that mixing pesticides helps save time and compaction by cutting down the required passes over a crop. Rushing to do this can potentially cause more problems than it solves.

Top tips for sprayer hygiene include: 

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•    Always wash out the sprayer thoroughly.
•    Dry residues are harder to remove from a sprayer, so wash out on the same day as spraying
•    If you have an in-tank rising system, make use of it, but remember it is not a substitute for a thorough clean out.
•    Use a specific spray tank cleaner, such as All Clear® Extra, for a thorough clean.
•    Always use high quality pesticides, specifically formulated for easy mixing and washout. 

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