How do you measure quality?


13 May 2020
How do you measure quality?

Robust tuber quality can mean different things to different people. At times it can just refer to dry matter or starch content, or it can refer more to the internal condition of the tuber.


However, there is one critical thing that links these different metrics together: Effective management of nutrients are key to establishing high quality in potato group. Mismanagement, however, can result in compromised quality and a financial blow to your farm. 

Agronomy Manager at Yara, Mark Tucker, and Area Manager Tom Decamp focussed on the role of calcium, benefits of using nitrates, tuber initiation and tuber analysis during a recent online seminar.


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“We shouldn’t forget that nutrients can create a negative impact too,” said Mark. “This is particularly the case with nitrogen. If we get the timing wrong, or we have excess nitrogen in the system, that will cause quality issues.”


Common issues in terms of potato disorders include lacklustre skin finish, internal bruising, internal browning, cracking brown centres, among others. These disorders all have a common thread that indicates where our focus should be for robust potato nutrition: The cell wall.