How can we change for the future?


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10 June 2020
How can we change for the future?

In its 2050 forecast, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations predicts that food consumption in the world will increase by 70% while agricultural land will only grow by 10%, so more food will need to be produced from each unit of land.
In light of this, and the loss of actives meaning our chemical armoury is gradually decreasing, cross industry group recently came together to look at how the potato industry can work together to increase crop yields from existing land in a sustainable way.
At a roundtable hosted by Emerald Research, agronomists, growers, scientists and pesticide producers came head-to-head to look at some of the current challenges and discuss ways to overcome these. 
Biological approaches, the pressures created by farming styles, over-regulation of the market and the role of the next generation were all factors put under the microscope during the roundtable.
For the full report, see the July issue of Potato Review. If you aren't already signed up to receive a copy, you can subscribe here

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